Prof. Sebastian Morris



Macroeconomic Challenges Posed by the COVID19 in India

Massive intervention in the capital markets to greatly enhance liquidity and reduce the policy rates would be necessary. Otherwise the financial sector would tumble like nine pins.  We suggest a rate cut by 1.5% and massive injection of liquidity well above the r

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The Villainous Politician and Local Governance

Despite the intention to encourage and support local self government, the post independence period has witnessed continuous erosion in local governance of cities. Indeed, the decline in the quality of living (at least for the middle classes) in cities, can be directly

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Comment on the Trade Policy

The announcements made by the Minister are most disappointing. When world trade demand has shrunk by over 9%,  a restatement of developmental efforts that have been going on, very marginal and routine things like promise to reduce transactions costs were the only elements.  There is no

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