Prof. Sebastian Morris



Personal and Corporate Ethics

(With Profs. Ajay Pandey and Saral Mukherjee) ‘Personal and Corporate Ethics’ is a compulsory course in the first year of the Post Graduate Programme. The objective of the course is to sensitize the participants on the nature of ethical

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International Economic and Political Economy

The course seeks to introduce the student to the international economy, trade and investment theories and to the institutional arrangements governing international investment and trade. The focus is on conceptual perspectives that could help managers understand the international economy. The cour

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Open Economy Macroeconomics

This course introduces the basic concepts of national income accounting, and macroeconomics, the essentiality of macroeconomics to understanding markets, and the differing view points of some of the important schools. It provides a perspective for managers: To the notion of the mac

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Indian Economy in Comparative Perspective

The objective of the course is to familiarise the student with key features of the Indian economy in a comparative perspective. The course is especially useful to those with a deep interest in India and its future and with an acute need to understand the historical basis of many of the current de

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