The course is designed for those who are interested in developing their leadership potential through a process of introspection and reflection. It is for them who believe that in order to overcome organizational resource constraints, they need to harness their technological, analytical, and conceptual abilities and ultimately, their leadership skills. The course does not entail management cases; just one paper that would discuss the role of profits vs. other building blocks for an organization that enables it to last. It is more about reading and enjoying the great works of literature; masticating them and chewing the cud in the class. The course will allow its participants to enhance their experience through lively discussions on different issues of leadership and decision making that the great works will bring up. Some of the texts discussed in the course include Cervantes ‘Don Quixote’, G.B. Shaw’s ‘Saint Joan’, Milind Bokil’s ‘Thirsting For Water’ and Bimal Kar’s ‘Satyadas’.