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Impact of the Proposed GST on the Consumer Price Index in India

Fears that the movement to GST would add to inflation have been unfounded. In this study we ex-ante estimate the impact the movement to GST would have on inflation and show that it would be very marginal at best. The inflation argument to have multiple rates is therefore weak. The impact on the C

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Economic Performance Of Gujarat In Recent Times

This paper reviews the growth and development of Gujarat, one of India's leading industrial states, and the reasons for its relatively high growth. It presents a synoptic review of the performance of the Gujarat economy since independence bringing out the underlying r

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Missing Issues In The Debate On Reservation

This paper addresses the issue of reservation, as arising out of educational and social backwardness of the Other Backward Classes (OBC). Except in nomenclature there is no substantial evidence to show that most or even the majority of the ‘jatis’ that con

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The Growth And Transformation Of Small Firms In India

The book covers the growth and transformation of small industries in the nineties and before. It  addresses policy issues and makes radical suggestions on how small industries can become the leading edge of India's competitiveness. Inter alia it covers the i

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Why are We Junking This Engine of Growth?

The Indian budget of 1991-92, though lauded by many, does not take complete advantage of the vast opportunities for fast growth. Since its presentation, the appreciation in the real as well as nominal value of the rupee has been taking place; the appreciation would ev

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Macroeconomic Challenges Posed by the COVID19 in India

Massive intervention in the capital markets to greatly enhance liquidity and reduce the policy rates would be necessary. Otherwise the financial sector would tumble like nine pins.  We suggest a rate cut by 1.5% and massive injection of liquidity well above the r

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Exporting Onions v/s Higher Learning

The HRD minister thinks he is doing right by preventing IIM, Bangalore, from taking up its Singapore campus project. First, the minister has violated the earlier permission granted to IIM-B by his own ministry. This is illustrative of a major risk i

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