Will the Stimulus of Rs. “20 lakh crore” Work to Arrest the Economic Crisis? An Assessment
A presentation by Prof. Sebastian Morris

This will be an interactive session to understand the impact of the recently announced “stimulus” measures to “fight” the economic crisis created by the spread of COVID19 in India all “aggregating” to Rs. 20 lakh crore.  We first unravel the measures into those affecting the poor’s consumption, liquidity and de-facto credit measures, and into demand generating, and into policies seeking structural change (reforms) to provide an assessment of the real term prospect for the economy.  How effective would these measures be today? Would they arrest the crisis that is just round the corner?

The presentation follows and builds on his earlier presentation “The Deepening Crisis of the Indian Economy”. The presentation would be for 30 minutes followed by QA.

New date and Time: Saturday May 16th 2020, Time 14:30 PM
The links are is as follows.
The link opens at 14:20 pm  and talk starts at 14:30 pm. The host and speaker will be live at 14:25.