This book initiated academic work in the area of private investment in infrastructure in India. Divided into five parts, the book contains eleven articles and thirteen case studies on power, telecom and transportation. In this book, infrastructure development and financing have been recognised as key areas which need attention for enhancing the competitive advantage of India. Provision of infrastructure facilities, traditionally in the government domain, is now being offered for private sector investment and management in most countries. India has joined this trend, which has been reinforced by the resource crunch faced by the government. It is a pioneering work in documenting various problems in infrastructure management as cases, which aims to provide senior executives of organisations involved in infrastructure development and financing – such as government, banks and financial institutions, infrastructure providing organisations in sectors like power, telecommunication, transportation, urban systems - the perspectives, concepts, and skills necessary to structure, unbundle, appraise, finance, and implement infrastructure projects. The book is standard teaching material on the subject across the country and has been found very much useful for educational reading and reference for managers, administrators and researchers associated with various infrastructure related sectors.