Prof. Sebastian Morris



Why Punish The Users Of National Highways?

Our cities are built with very low densities (floor space indices) means that they are unable to take on the correct spatial orientation of economic activities. This, of course, makes them socially expensive, and much more spread out than they need to be.

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Petroleum: Remove Price Control, Reform Taxes

The administered pricing mechanism (APM) for oil products was dismantled in April 2002. But the nightmare continues for oil companies, investors, consumers and even the government. At least the APM had a ‘logic’, however questionable. To call what we

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Truckers Are Really Overloaded

The truckers’ strike is finally off and the nation heaves a sigh of relief. But one wishes the real issues faced by the industry had been brought up on the table and resolved once and for all, even if it had meant a prolonged strike. Unfortunately, the truckers

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Airlines Will Need Service Quality Regulation

With Delhi and Mumbai airport in competent private hands. one can breathe a little easy. The underutilisation of assets, absurd designs, quixotic operational processes that impose huge passenger side discomforts and costs may hopefully go away.

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