Prof. Sebastian Morris



Rural Infrastructure Needs A Fillip

Rural development, especially infrastructural development, by its very nature is holistic. Therefore, it can neither be left to a ministry of rural development, which cannot think beyond sop programmes, nor to the uncoordinated working of departments, like roads, publ

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Can Any 'Reform' Be So Perverse And Irrational?

The government has proposed an amendment to the Postal Act that would bar the private sector from carrying articles below 500 gm. The move is regressive, has no rationale, is unimplementable and will not prevent losses in the DoP (department of posts). It will result

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Water And Sewerage: The Eco-Politics

Water, among all infrastructure services, has to be the state’s responsibility. If the state cannot arrange to provide for water in the cities and other habitats, then nothing else that it does or provides is meaningful. By that count, most of

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Making Reform A Positive Sum Game

Lalu Prasad and his team have been laying out transition path to reform from the mess that Indian Railways were in, steps that would most certainly pay off. The genius in discovering hidden operating leverage and overcoming slack in increasing the loading of wagons, e

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