Prof. Sebastian Morris



Mismanaging National Assets

The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) now admits that the Golden Quadrilateral (GQ) completion is going to be delayed and the cost overrun would be substantial. What it is not admitting is that its poor management of tolls and of the highw

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Ignoring The Demand Side In Agriculture

Agricultural reform is not merely the opening up of the economy to imports and liberalising trade in general. Unfortunately, on the ill-advise of organisations like World Bank, we are hell bent on going the wrong way. The error is very much in the strategy. The receiv

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One-Sided Law On Land Acquisition

Delays and risks in land acquisition are the overwhelming retardants in infrastructural construction. The problems are widely believed to arise in politicking and poor governance, but it is important to understand the deeper reasons lying in the law

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The Fine Art Of Zero Maintenance

The Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation got a few hundred new CNG buses some months back, which look worn out already. No replacement of tail-lights, no repair of dents, no painting. The ph

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