Prof. Sebastian Morris



The Change Imperative

At the recently held conference on Building Infrastructure–Challenges and Opportunities at Vigyan Bhavan, the Prime Minister underscored the importance of infrastructure in India being able to sustain high growth, above 8%. What was remarkable

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SEZs Will Not Hurt Farmers

A harried commerce minister wrongly responded to the concerns of farmers by stating that the current SEZ initiative could hurt those who are giving up their land. The SEZ initiative is certainly not the first best option to promote exports of manufactured goods from I

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Dwelling On Delhi's Master Plan

The Delhi government would soon have to legislate to make special exemptions to Delhi’s Master Plan to override the Supreme Court’s (SC) order banning commercial activities in residential areas. Policy-makers and planner sitting in ivory towers

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Metro And BRT Can Go Together

Substantial monies are being made available to large cities to build metros. Yet between metros and the newly emerging metropolitan cities , there is a misfit, as between a square peg and a round hole. Over years of town ‘planning’ that

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Unlock SMEs To Tap Full Export Potential

SMEs are the backbone of exports from India, especially of manufactures and increasingly of services if the source of value addition is taken into account. Indeed manufacturing in the ‘original sense’ is very much an SME business. The reasons are not far t

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